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Providing a single, integrated platform that scales as you grow, ease of use with no coding required, and the quick implementation of a cloud-based platform. Using data, analytics and insights on prospects and customers to create relevant, individualised experiences in real time.

Cloud based software as a service enables any business to pay for what they need, with no capital expenditure.

Strengthen brand preference apart from the competition

Engage with your customer with confidence by using a unified analytics platform with unmatched breadth and depth to help engage with customers.

Increase revenue with existing customers and new sales generated from word of mouth by improving valued interaction and experience increasing the satisfaction of customers coming back.

ROI is seen in months allowing for agile adjustments in day to day and long-term strategies.

m2m solutions help business stay competitive developing unique value for business to differentiate your customers experience.

Customer centric data model translates digital data into useful insights combining online and offline customer data.

  • Understand significant business drivers.
  • Forecast how business measures and drivers perform in the future.
  • Understand customer behaviour to launch campaigns.
  • Real-time insights which improves over time.


  1. Advanced analytics
  2. Business Intelligence & Analytics
  3. Cloud Analytics
  4. Customer intelligence
  5. Data Management
  6. Decision Management

Virtl.X Business Intelligence